About GENT and Our Vision (Eng)

From the beginning, GENT has been committed and passionate about providing students opportunities to participate in dynamic and engaging international experiences. GENT’s summer programs allow Thai students to gain critical knowledge about the global community, exposure to international languages and experiences that transform their perspective about the world.

Our well known GENT’s study group programs provide high quality international educational opportunities that are unique and designed to inspire the next generation of global citizens. As a result, GENT has grown to become one of Thailand’s premiere leaders in international educational study groups for over a thousand Thai families who want to give their children a competitive edge in experiential learning and cross cultural immersion.

This success has allowed our students a competitive edge in competing for placement in some of the top universities and schools throughout the world. Our business is built on three guiding principles for success; quality cultural experiences, language immersion and academic excellence. We have been proud to place Thai students in some of the most prestigious educational programs globally. We have an excellent reputation placing students at the high selective language programs, high schools, colleges and universities throughout the world. Especially, we are considered and well known as one of the most high quality agents in terms of services and expertise in placing our students to study in the high schools worldwide including the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and New Zealand.

If you are looking for the best educational experiences or degree programs to place your child, then contact us. Our committed expert education agents have years of experiences and contacts throughout the world. We are here to represent you on a year-round basis and are considered the best at what we do. Our philosophy has always remained the same from the start - Professional Treat, Personal Touch.



The Winner of ST Secondary School Award Asian Agency 2022 and 2023 by Study and Travel Magazine

World Class Award: The Finalist of ST Star Asia Agency 2016 and 2018

The first and the only one agency from Thailand that has been nominated as the Finalist of ST Star Asia Agency 2016 and latest in 2018 by Study and Travel Magazine

4 International Accreditations: TIECA, FELCA, IALC and Quality English 

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